My Marketing

Take a look through here to see examples of the type of marketing I can do for your home. You'll quickly see why I'm the best person for the job!

Video Marketing

Video marketing is not the next big thing in Real Estate advertising. It's the thing right now. Nothing can promote your home and drive more buyers than video. Especially in an area where most buyers come from out of town. By having high quality video we are able to cut down on the number of unqualified showings and increase the number of showings from people who are likely to make an offer. 

Take a look below to see some examples of videos I've done to market homes for sale.


Social Media

With the rise of social media we have also seen the rise of social media marketing. As more and more people spend more and more time on different social platforms its important to hire a Real Estate Agent who can market where they are. It's not enough just to post it on, and maybe take out a few different newspaper ads. If consumers are spending so many hours a day on social media, its important to market your property there.

Very few in the industry can boast the levels of social marketing that I do. Just look below at some of the things I've done.


What you see above is only a sample of the type of next level marketing that separates me from all the other agents out there. I get your property maximum exposure locally, regionally, nationally, and even globally. With my marketing and leveraging the global reach of RE/MAX you won't be able to get more exposure for your property than what I can provide.