Below are some of my Client Testimonials

By: Kevin B.

We are newcomers to the area and relied on Jill’s experience and knowledge to locate a home in the neighbourhood that was ideal for our needs. Jill provided our family with speedy and friendly service and creatively brainstormed a successful deal.

By: Donna & Michael Bennett

We want to thank you for all of you major legwork wth us at the beginning, your time, and expertise steering us in the right direction! You have been great and you two are a terrific team! Hope to see you soon.

By: Fred Whitall

For a very professional, innovative, high energy approach to real estate sales, I won’t hesitate to recommend Jill Price...looking forward to our next project!

By: Hailee Daniels

Jill sold a property I owned in Omemee in record time that was not ideal for selling conditions, was more than fair and easy to deal with, overly accommodating. If you’re anywhere from Peterborough to Bancroft I highly recommend Jill for realty.

By: L Lawson

Thank you so much for all your help in making magic happen! I am so thrilled about my new home!

By: The George

We went with the right girl and are amazed that you sold our home in 14 days. We are your biggest fans and will recommend you highly! Thanks again!

By: Kim and Gerard Schreurs

Jill helped us find our perfect cottage. We appreciate Jill’s honesty and value her experience in the area we were looking. She never once made us feel any sort of pressure. One of the things that was very important to me was responsiveness and Jill was quick to get back to every time! She is also a great resource for the Professional Services we needed in the area.

By: Rob Ravenhorst

Haven’t had the chance to buy as yet...I’ll call it window shopping for my retirement home. However, Jill Price has been very considerate and helpful throughout my on again/off again love affair with finding just the right location. Thanks so much for letting me browse and ongoing patience..FYI I love the video’s.

By: Lesley Smith & Joel McCracken

We have worked with Jill for 4 years, once buying and once selling. Jill is known for working her butt off for you and she has done it once again for us. This time Jill sold our house for over asking in 10 days in January when others said it was not possible. Jill knows something others don’t and capitalizes on this fact to your benefit. Jill will ask you what it is about your house that is special. She takes that knowledge and builds a marketing plan with you around that and contributes with her professional opinion. Jill pours everything into the listing up front and channels it through all of her contacts and social media with a top quality video or photography crew and the most modern advertising technologies. She is sophisticated and at the forefront of her business. She wisely invests heavily upfront in a targeted social media campaign and for us used drones and a professional film crew; because of this your place hits the market with a wide and targeted range at its maximum showing potential. Her tenacity, personality and communication skills are why she is well known, liked and linked into the wider realty community - which brings in a lot of outside interest that has already seen the product in high quality video and who are now coming to your home enthusiastically to confirm what they already know. She brought us a bidding war - in Bancroft - in January- the first weekend it was listed. It happened fast. We never would have thought it possible. It is common knowledge that she is the best realtor around. She takes on a lot and gets it done. She listened to us when we told her what we thought our place was worth and she believed in us and she is the reason why we got all we expected and then some. She is great. A very nice person. A very respectful person. Wise beyond her years. A go getter. She is going to be big time, if she isn’t already. She’s getting bigger. She is at the front of the pack by a mile. She is very well connected and understands how to sell. She did it all for us. She organized a lot on our behalf when we were out of town. If we didn’t like something we let her know and she came back with options and we were always satisfied. One of the hardest workers I’ve worked with and one who knows her business as well as anyone. Buying or selling you have to go with Jill Price. She is the best by far. Got it done. Exceeded our expectations and we already knew she was the best. We succeeded because we made the right choice.

By: Lisa MacKenzie

Jill sold our cottage for full price in 3 days, she rocks ! What really sold us was she puts her clients needs first and that says it all! Jill has it down pat when it comes to selling and exposure on social media and gets results!